Family Life & Parenting

Orange County Extension helps you learn to:
•   Improve parenting skills.
•   Build stronger family communications and couple relationships.
•   Develop skills to care for infants and young children.
•   Understand aging and help older adults maintain health and independence.

Learning Opportunities

Before You Tie the Knot

If you’re planning on getting married, this is the course for you!

Teening Up
“Teening Up” With Your Adolescent:
Parenting Children Ages 9-16

Learn the common transitions of adolescence and effective ways to parent and to empower children to make healthy choices

Parenting Successful Parenting:
   Learn-By-Mail Course

Parenting can be a tiring and stressful job! More...

Stepfamilies Stepping Stones for Stepfamilies:
    Learn-By-Mail Course

This course helps stepfamilies better understand the dynamics of blended stepfamilies. More...

National Family Life Events