Florida Master Money Mentor Are Here to Help

Are you feeling a bit of a financial hangover from the excesses spent during the holidays? As 2016 kicks off, would you like help getting back on the right financial track? Free help is available to help you set goals and track expenses to pay off credit card debt, establish an emergency fund, save for a home purchase down payment, or reach another goal.

University of Florida IFAS Extension Orange County offers the Florida Master Money Mentor Volunteer Program (FMMM) to help individuals organize and take control of their finances by pairing up individuals seeking help with a trained money mentor volunteer. An individual can meet with a money mentor volunteer at a convenient community location such as at a local library or coffee shop. The first meeting lasts about 1.5 hours. Future meetings are on average one hour.

To apply to receive one-on-one financial guidance from a FMMM volunteer in Orange County, please call your local UF IFAS Extension Orange County Office at 407-254-9200 to request an application to be mailed to you or please down load the application form here.

Money Matters


Everyone has to deal with money, whether budgeting, buying insurance, planning for retirement, or saving to buy a house. Become a more informed and empowered money manager with the resources on these pages.

  • Basic Money Management
    Budgeting, recordkeeping, and financial education.
  • Consumer Rights
    Credit protection laws, consumer education, and information about avoiding fraud and financial abuse.
  • Credit & Debt Management
    Choosing a credit card, cutting costs, getting financial counseling, and protecting yourself from fees.
  • End of Life Issues
    Resources that offer answers to legal, ethical, and financial questions.
  • Insurance
    Auto, flood, health, and life insurance are just a few of the kinds of insurance available.
  • Retirement
    Estate planning, retirement accounts, social security, and reverse mortgages.
  • Saving & Investing
    Financial planning, banking, investment advisers, and protecting your money.

For information about energy efficiency and other topics related to saving money while being environmentally friendly, please visit our Sustainable Living: Families & Consumers page.

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