Richard Tyson is the Director of the UF/IFAS Extension office in Orlando, FL. He received his Ph.D. in Horticultural Sciences from the University of Florida. He networks with the agricultural community, urban and rural clientele, as well as city and county governments, to promote and enhance sustainable farm to table local food systems in Orange County.

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  • Aquaponics

    Selected Publications

  • Tyson, R., C. Glatting, and J. Adams. 2016. Opportunities and challenges for marketing leafy salad crops in the Farm to School program . Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 129:291-293
  • Tyson, R. and E. Simonne. 2014. A practical guide for aquaponics as an alternative enterprise. University of Florida Horticultural Sciences document HS1252.
  • Tyson, R., E. Felter, M Kennington, D. Mudge, T. Pehlke, E. Thralls, C. White. 2012. Sustainable living educational expos build teamwork, community networks and adoption of sustainable practices. Journal of the Nat. Assoc. Co. Agric. Agents, Vol 5 (2):4pgs.
  • Tyson, R.V., D.D. Treadwell and E.H. Simonne. 2011. Opportunities and challenges to sustainability in aquaponic systems. Review in HortTechnology 21:6-13.
  • Tyson, R.V., E.H. Simonne, D.D. Treadwell, J.M. White and A. Simonne. 2008. Reconciling pH for ammonia biofiltration and cucumber yield in a recirculating aquaponic system with perlite biofilters. HortScience 43(3):719-724.
  • Selected Lectures

  • Tyson, R.V. 2016. Can decoupling with fertigation result in mainstreaming aquaponics? Aquaponics Association Annual Mtg, Austin, TX.
  • Tyson, R.V. 2015. Sustainable agricultural opportunities for local food systems: hydroponics and aquaponics. American Oil Chemist Society Annual Mtg, Orlando, FL.
  • Tyson, R.V. 2013. Aquaponics research & application for sustainable urban farming. The Kari Lecture Series Seminar, Crop Sciences Department, University of Illinois, Champlain, IL.
  • Tyson, R.V. 2013. Urban farming program demonstrates sustainable practices. National Assoc. of Extension Professionals Annual Mtg & Professional Improvement Conference, Pittsburg, PA.

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