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Fertilizer Black Out Fertilizer "Black Out" Period in Orange County.

Orange County has a Fertilizer "Black Out" Period from June 1st to September 30th. Only homeowners who have completed this online educational program and satisfactorily complete this quiz may apply fertilizer to the landscape during the Fertilizer "Black Out" Period.

Irrigation sprinkler Urban Irrigation Tool

You've heard us say not to water when it's not needed. Now we give you a tool to figure out exactly when to water. More...

Air Potato Leaf Beetles Air Potato Leaf Beetles

For now, the beetles are only being released on public lands and research sites (such as county and state parks), where the beetle populations can be monitored. However, you may request beetles by completeing this form and send it to the office indicated.

frost Cold Protection of Plants

When temperatures dip below freezing, you need to take special measures to protect your ornamental plants. What you can do before and after a freeze to protect your vulnerable ornamental plants. More...

tough timesFlorida Master Money Mentor Volunteers Are Here to Help

Are you feeling a bit of a financial hangover from the excesses spent during the holidays? As 2016 kicks off, would you like help getting back on the right financial track? Free help is available More...

Landscape Planning Your Landscape

Water conservation can be especially easy if you design it into your landscape from the start. More...

Holding money Saving Money

Saving money seems simple, but setting money aside can be difficult in practice. Here are our tips. More...

Stokes aster Florida-Friendly Landscaping™

Florida-friendly landscapes are all about using "Right Plant in the Right Place" to use less water and fertilizer, which also means less money. More...

Butterfly Water for Wildlife

You can help out birds, frogs, butterflies, lizards, and more with a few well-placed sources of fresh, clean water. More...

teach Get Involved with 4-H

Join a 4-H club, or volunteer with us! Volunteers are the key to providing 4-H programs for youth. More...

Using a credit card Credit Scores & Reports

Tracking your credit scores and reports lets you keep on top of your credit history and any bad credit you may have. More...

Garden hose Reclaimed Water FAQ

Unlike "grey water," reclaimed water has been treated and has many uses. Is it safe for the vegetable garden? Read question #10 in this FAQ. More...

OCCG Logo So You Want to Start A Community Garden

It is a great way to bring the community together to develop friendships, healthy lifestyle habits, save money, and for those intergenerational gardens that involve both youth and adults—build lifeskills in youth. Get a copy of the "Orange County Community Gardener's Guide". More...

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